You can choose to exclude yourself from the Settlement ("opt out"). You can opt out by sending a written request to opt out to the Honda Administrator. You will automatically be a Settlement Class Member unless you exclude yourself by opting out.

If you opt out, you will not be eligible to receive benefits under the Settlement (other than the Recall Remedy), and you will not be able to object to the Settlement. However, you will be able to start or continue your own case against Honda regarding the claims at issue in the class actions at your own cost, and subject to applicable limitation periods, as further described in the Settlement Agreement.

To opt out, you must complete the Opt Out Form by following the instructions carefully, and send it to the Honda Administrator at the address listed in the form. Your completed Opt Out Form must be postmarked no later than the Opt Out Deadline, November 20, 2020.”

No further right to opt out will be provided.